European Yacht Surveyor Association




EYSA is an independent and non political organization of highly skilled yacht surveyors in Europe.



Basic requirements for an EYSA member.


-10 years of practical experience of yacht surveying.

-Current liability insurance.
-Actively work as a yacht surveyor.

-Follow EYSA code of pratice.


They will give you as a client a full and comprehensive report with pictures that clearly tells you the condition of the yacht.


Always hire a certified surveyor before you buy a yacht.




Office and surveyor

Our head office is located in England. We have regional offices in Sweden and Mallorca. Under 2009 we are opening office in Germany and Holland.
During 2009/10, we will be at 7 additional sites across Europe.


Our surveyors cover all of Europe.


For more information, please email us


To contact a surveyor near your location